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Kick off your week with sips of conversation led by Manny and Michael-Anthony. Tune in as these two misfits discuss topics over tea and laughter. 

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Manny and Michael-Anthony met in   2017 in New York City. They were working at the prestigious Alvin Ailey Dance studio when they discovered their mutual love for social progress, drag and ALL the tea.  Since meeting they have worked on building a community of artists and social progressives to help awaken the sleeping society. Together, they are committed to openness, respect and having fun. 



Manny Lopez is an actor and artist living in Brooklyn. Pronouns are he/him/his but he identifies with the “fuck you” gender. He likes to think of himself as a forest fairy, given his undying fascination and love for Nature and leaves such as tea. Manny’s recent credits include Hit The Wall with the Tribe Theatre Co, and Los Nutcrackers with the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance. Manny currently works as an influencer for a graphic design company. When not dealing in art, Manny likes to take long walks in the park with the family corgi, Tangerine. Manny’s performance on Mondays and Tea is dedicated to Tangerine. Tangerine, thank you for sitting with me for a cup of tea so many mornings and afternoons and nights, even though all you want to do is play fetch. Love you.



Michael-Anthony Souza is an artist living in Harlem where he spends most of his days problem solving.His art includes acting, directing and writing as he is on a constant search for balance and fairness.  When not being creative you can find him sitting children or sitting on his couch. Michael-Anthony hopes Mondays and Tea can inspire conversation and reasoning as we further enter the digital age and the awakening of the ego. Manny is his muse.